music + sound

Váfa (2020)

A new original soundscape composed between March and May 2020. Initial ideas were created while preparing to perform a live improvised electroacoustic set for the next OSCILLO SCAPE (16) event held at Alchemix Studios in South Brisbane. Event was postponed due to Covid-19 lockdown.

Samples found from old tracks and mini disc recordings were manipulated and merged with new synth sounds. The tracks title is inspired by the etymology of the word ‘wave’. Váfa is an Old Norse / Icelandic word meaning: “(v) to fluctuate, waver, doubt; (n) ghost”.


Anywhere (2013)

An excerpt from the electro-acoustic soundtrack composed for the independent short film Anywhere by emerging film maker James Tolcher. The film premiered in 2013 at the New York Film Academy on the Gold Coast.

Margaret Pomeranz online review.

la grotta azzurra (2007)

The original la grotto azzura (the blue grotto) breakbeat mix created for AAIR Radio Ana Capri Remix Competition hosted by the London School of Architecture in 2007. All samples utilised in the remix were recorded around the Island of Capri and provided by AAIR (beats an original addition). Sound editing and composition/remix performed in Logic Pro.

​Competition judges included Brian Eno (UK) and Ryuichi Sakamoto (JAP/USA). As there were too many good submissions, AAIR decided to not award only one winner. La grotto azzura was featured first amongst all international submissions published online. Remix Competition site now inactive. An ambient version of this track can be heard on soundcloud.

Nebuliser (2000)

This track is a remix of Deep Gong Mix by Luke Vibert, itself a remix of Aphex Twin’s Ventolin produced around year 2000. Commissioned for a Contemporary Dance choreography by Brisbane based choreographer Nathan Tight, performed as part of Dance Moves QUT Dance showcase.

The Divine Kiss (1998)

This electroacoustic soundscape was inspired by a collaborative professional development opportunity I was involved with while studying Music Technology at QUT. I was an assistant composer/sound engineer with Constantine Koukias, Australian Composer and Director of Tasmanian based IHOS Music Theatre and Opera. I assisted Koukias as a co-assistant composer/sound engineer while he was developing the music for the theatre production titled The Divine Kiss.


Sounds of Dis-ORIENTation 1997-2013

A selection of tracks composed and produced by ambersound for diverse independent and collaborative projects and events.